Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs CNE’s Services?

Whether a company is five or five hundred, we can assist in all areas of human resources. This will result in keeping overhead down while maintaining productivity.


How does CNE located suitable candidates?

We rely on one essential recruiting technique: Direct Recruiting. Experience has simply taught us that the successful, innovative, and opportunity oriented professionals are reached best and most often by direct contact.


Our strongest source is direct recruiting of candidates and referrals from former candidates. We have been in business for over 45 years and have established an extensive database of candidates to call and source.


Another asset to our firm is National Personnel Associates (NPA) which comprises over 300 independent search and recruiting firms like ourselves who share candidates and recruiting assignments under a regulated organizational network. A job order put on the network can receive a response of several candidates for us to review and screen within days. We are one of the top producers in our network, both as an importer of candidates and an exporter. The national office would be glad to give us a reference on our professional staffing in the organization.


Why seek CNE’s assistance?

  • Consolidation of venders
  • Poor service from current vendors
  • Unable to handle the staffing needs internally
  • Large fluctuations in human capital


Do you test candidates? If so, what tests do you use?

We only do a general personality profile test when requested by a company. We feel it is the company’s decision to test candidates as part of their hiring procedures if desired, and we would be glad to administer if requested.


Do you recruit and screen candidate in accordance with current Equal Employment and Affirmative action laws?

Yes – 100%


Do you check reference before referring candidates?

Checking references is a very sensitive matter and since most candidates are referred to us by reliable sources, we will do a very brief reference with those individuals. We prefer to do an in-depth reference on a candidate subject to an offer for two major reasons. One is we can ask specific questions that are necessary to satisfy a company’s major concerns or interest as it is to maintain confidentiality for the candidate and at the same time not burden the reference with additional calls until it is a viable situation.


What organizational levels are you least comfortable in recruiting for?

We are comfortable at all levels. We will work entry level to CEO level. We are very confident of our skills and pride ourselves on the ability to break down both the job and candidates no matter what levels are involved.


How do I know if CNE can help me fill my company’s specific positions?

Only one way to find out, call us today!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Did you know?

Did you know that CNE was the first employment agency in the Waterloo area? We have been helping people find great opportunities since 1955. And it’s not just general labor positions, but so much more; clerical, law, engineering, accounting, information technology, food professionals etc. We work with a wide range of companies throughout the Cedar Valley as well as all across the Nation! Getting started is simple, stop into our offices located in downtown Waterloo, 221 E. 4th St. (across from the Screaming Eagle) and fill out an application! Let us work with you to find the right fit for you in your next career!