City & National Employment offers experienced human resource professionals able to assist with any employment needs.

We customize our services to meet your needs and become an exclusive employment partner.

Advantages for our Clients

The reason CNE is still an innovative leader after decades of recruiting is simple – we build relationships and keep them. It’s more than “finding a job” or “getting staff.” We are passionate about finding the right fit for the right position for the right company.

You won’t find CNE out soliciting random applicants in cyberspace. We don’t fill our files with the unemployable. We like to ask a lot of questions. We listen. We enjoy getting to know our candidates and clients. We find out what kind of candidates will be right for you.

Additional advantages when selecting CNE include:

  • Elimination of your recruiting time
  • Elimination of unnecessary interviews
  • Elimination of your advertising expenses
  • Access to extensive resources and services
  • Ability to have more time to focus on the operations of your company
  • Ability to choose from only the best qualified candidates that will truly be a member of your team
  • Receive quick and thorough follow-up
  • Access to customized billing options
  • Time-saving personnel services
  • Receive the BEST personal service

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