Hiring Solutions

How does CNE find the best employees for your position?

Our recruiters build relationships and network through local and national channels. We go above and beyond finding out what motivates qualified candidates towards their specialized areas. We don’t just ask them why they are interested in it. We look for individuals who are already employed and looking for advancement, or relocation, or just something more.

There are so many variables that lead people to make career choices and we want to know all of them so that you get the right person for your open position. We want you both to win and have a long-term career together. If you are looking for a needle in a haystack, we aim to have a haystack full of needles.

Reference Checking

Once strong candidates are selected, we then begin checking references. This way we have specific questions to ask directly pertaining to your business or situation and also maintain the confidentiality of the candidate until they are viable for hiring.


By utilizing City & National’s pre-screening capabilities, you can increase productivity and help decrease your liability insurance. When you have pre-screening processes in place, it shows that you exercise due diligence in your hiring process. We can validate resumes and work history, which combats fraud and theft.

Professional Contracting

Similar to “freelancer,” we can help place qualified professionals specialized in your business field to work for you off-site, or temporarily on-site based on your needs.