Criminal Background Check

Many businesses, especially those that involve human services or finances, need safe and trustworthy individuals. We run a thorough criminal background check when processing new candidates for employment consideration.

Reference Checking

Once strong candidates are selected, we then begin checking references. This way we have specific questions to ask directly pertaining to your business or situation and also maintain the confidentiality of the candidate until they are viable for hiring.

Drug Screening

Drug screening is available if necessary prior to hiring desired candidates.


By utilizing CNE’s pre-screening capabilities, you can increase productivity and help decrease your liability insurance. When you have pre-screening processes in place, it shows that you exercise due diligence in your hiring process. We can validate resumes and work history, which combats fraud and theft.

Clerical and Computer Testing

CNE can administer several levels of testing to find you the right candidate at the desired experience level. When you need a new hire fast, finding one that can start immediately and is fully knowledgeable of their duties make changeover a breeze.

Dexterity Testing

For specific industrial or manufacturing positions, dexterity tests are available to determine if your candidates have the proper hand and eye coordination.

Personality Profiling

Sometimes the most qualified individual may be sour compared to a trainable and very friendly person. A complete choice personality profile is available to ensure you have a good fit.

Professional Contracting

Similar to “freelancer,” we can help place qualified professionals specialized in your business field to work for you off-site, or temporarily on-site based on your needs.

On-Site Facilitator/Manager

When facing a large expansion of new employees, CNE can provide on-site management to help train new staff for you and oversee operations to make growth transition smoothly.

Performance Evaluations

CNE can structure evaluations on your temporary or contract-to-hires to determine a targeted outcome – whether it be to take them on as a full-time permanent employee or to determine payroll increases – it can be personalized for your business and outcomes.

Recruiting/Retention Assessment

Having an independent firm specialized in employee recruitment like CNE can give you the perspective you need to determine strengths and weaknesses in keeping great long-term employees and keep your business growing.

Orientation/Employee Handbooks

CNE can create a personalized and standardized handbook that is given to each new employee for consistent up-front expectations.

Safety Training

There are many types of careers that require specialized training to keep employees and equipment safe. CNE can make sure new hires are trained to your expectations.